Hole Cleaning

Hole Cleaning

Our Hole Cleaning drilling additive when added to a drilling mud, increases the suspension and hole cleaning ability of the fluid.  

  • Contains an estimated 850 miles of fiber per pound
  • Works to trap cuttings, metal fragments, sand, gravel, and drill solids
  • Specially treated synthetic fiber
  • Made from 100% vergin materials in a monofilament form
  • Chemically inert
  • Non-Toxic
  • Compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic fluids

Core Uses of Hole Cleaning

  • Can be used from surface to total depth
  • Avoids costly mud build ups when using water or brines
  • Mechanically increases the carrying capacity of fluids
  • Removes metal fragments during milling operations
  • Prevents/Cures tight connections while drilling or on trips
  • Cost effective hole cleaning method prior to running casing, logging, or tripping pipe
  • Temperature stable to 300 F

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